About the publication

Based on extensive auto-ethnography and reflection with participants, we developed a mechanism of different design roles, tools and working principles. The mechanism is designed to help strategic well-chosen positioning of different sorts of design interventions across the longer term of Systemic Change.

The mechanism of roles and working principles are presented in a visual publication. This visual publication is made as a means to learn with the variety of publics, disciplines and stakeholders that relate to this work.

Documentary teaser

The visual publication involves a documentary and animation that show the way roles, working methodologies and tools evolved:

In the documentary we relive the storyline of the MelkSalon, together with a variety of key figures that participants De MelkSalon. We physically go though the roles again and highlight key moments we remember from the project.

In the animation the storyline is shown as a dynamic mechanism of working principles. It is an abstraction of the real life storyline and offers a generic mental model. This model can be used as a framework to place embodied design interventions in the longer term of systemic change processes.

Animation Still

Both documents will give rise to different thoughts, questions and insights, depending on the professional and/or personal perspective of the viewer. Exchanging about these views will deepen the insights of the project and publication.

This publication therefore is meant as a basis for discourse sessions with varying audiences. The questions, discussions and interactions that are triggered by be documented and published on this website. Hence the learnings will be deepened through the different perspectives of the audience.