Introduction of the background and purpose of the publication, during the Embedded Designers talkshow.

This visual publication will be deepened through discourse, involving the multidisciplinary and multistakeholder publics that relate to this project. This page will showcase recordings of the multi-perspective discussions that happen after viewing the documentary and animation with diverse publics.

The publication was introduced during Dutch Design Week ’21, as part of the Embedded Designers talkshow, organised by Design United. The talkshow explored the way designers develop different embedded roles in the proces of change.

In the second quarter of academic year ’21-22 I was involved in the 1st year Bachelor course ‘Understanding Organisations’, at the faculty of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology. The course aims to introduce the students on the internal analysis of organisations with an emphasis on design and innovation next to a systemic view. Students become more aware how organisations can be studied and what organisations can become in the interplay with design, organisation and the system they are in. In the last part of the course students are invited to consider their own position as a junior designer in a time of complex societal and systemic changes.

I was involved in the course to inspire and awaken the students with my practice research in developing designer’s more critical roles and relations to organisations, focussed at systemic change. This audio file contains clips from a podcast that served as one of the teaching materials. The podcast was recorded after the screening of my documentary and animation. These materials served as a starting point for a discursive interview held with Erik-jan Hultink, professor of new product marketing, and Dirk Snelders, professor of organising product and service development, and me. The interview was moderated by course coordinator and entrepreneurial researcher Sander Mulder.

Podcast as part of the 1st year bachelor course Understanding Organisations, Industrial design TUDelft